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Did you call your friends for dinner? Is it your son's graduation? Baptized? Birthday? Do you need some help setting up the party table? Or for assembling your pool party? The date is near and you don’t have time! Count on Easy Help.


Plan your dinner, meeting with friends, your child's christening, birthdays, a mini- wedding or even an open house party with us!


Tell us about your favorite suppliers and we'll create a budget worksheet for your event.


Do you need advisory for the day of your event? You found it!

Through the list of distributors we control all the deliveries and assemblies of your event.


Are you receiving some friends and need to set up the tables of the guests, the table of sweets, the buffet, the decoration or even your Christmas tree? Count on us!


Video edition

Customized videos bring back unique moments filled with great excitement. They are unforgettable gifts that can mark a life. See our  video sample below:

VHS - Digital Media

Convert your VHS tapes to digital media and save your videos longer. Hire video editing to compile important moments. Check our services.


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